Honey Locust


The genus Gleditsia contains about 14 species native to the warm temperate and tropical regions. There are 2 species in North America. All species look alike, with respect to wood anatomy. Honey Locust trees can reach heights of 80 feet, with a diameter of three feet.


Honey Locust range extends from Pennsylvania west to South Dakota, Nebraska, south to Texas, east to Alabama and Georgia, northeast along the Appalachians to Pennsylvania.

Working Properties

Honey Locust requires sharp tooling hand or machine. Finishes well.

Physical Properties

The sapwood of Honey Locust is yellowish and wide, while the heartwood is light red to reddish brown. It is very hard and heavy tough, strong, with high luster. The texture is moderately coarse, with straight to irregular grain.


Very resistant to decay.


Furniture, trim, fence posts.