Boxelder is a member of the Maple Family. The word acer is the classical Latin name of maple. Boxelder is a fast growing, short lived and easily transplanted. The tree is prone to injury from wind, heart rot and insects. It has green twigs and compound leaves (ash-like), separating it from other maples. The heartwood is yellowish brown, while the sapwood is greenish yellow to creamy white. Red steaks are composed of a pigment from fungus (fusarium negundi).


Lower elevations in North America, extending through Mexico into Guatemala, excluding Pacific Coast states and south central Canada.

Working Properties

The wood is light soft, porous, close-grained and weak. It is susceptible to heart rot. It can contain a curly figure. It is easily worked by hand or machine tools.


Boxelder is nonresistant to heartwood decay, being susceptible to heart rot and insects.


Boxelder is currently used for furniture, wooden ware, boxes, crates, charcoal, cooperage.