Robinia is a genus of about 10 species native to eastern North America, and Mexico. Commonly known as Thorny Locust. The sapwood of Black Locust is a creamy white, while the heartwood varies from a greenish yellow to dark brown. It turns reddish brown when exposed to the air. It has a high density and decay resistance. It shows slight shrinkage and stays in place well. It is very strong in bending and is one of the hardest woods in America. It's shock resistance is almost that of Hickory.


Black Locust is native to the Appalachian Mountains from Pennsylvania to northern Gorgia and Alabama and the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri, Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. Also in southern Illinois and Indiana. It has been extensively naturalized in the United States and Canada.

Working Properties

It is difficult to work with hand tools, but turns well on a lathe and nails well. It has a distinctive good smell when freshly cut.


It is extremely durable and rot resistant.


A favorite urban tree for its small leaves and to survive acid conditions. Furniture, fencing, timbers.