Tree of HEaven


The genus Ailanthus contains about 10 species, native to Asia and northern Australia. It was introduced into England from China in the mid-18th century as an ornamental. It was subsequently introduced from England to the United States in 1874. The word Ailtissima means very tall. Ailanthus grows rapidly, even in poor soils or environments. It grows 80ft., with a diameter of 2ft. It is a pioneer species, crowding out other tree species. The leaves and flowers have a foul odor.


Native to northern China, the tree was introduced in the 19th century throughout eastern United States and the south to California.

Working Properties

Easily worked with tools and glues, and takes finish well.

Physical Properties

Heartwood is pale green to yellow with dark streaks, while the sapwood is wide and cream color. It is ring-porous with wide rays, superficially resembling Ash.


Resistant to insects.


Ornamental tree, erosion control, turnery.